We love working with creative professionals, small businesses, and heart led entrepreneurs with a love for minimal design.
We have experience working with photographers, food & beverage brands, clothing boutiques, voice/performing arts/dance studios, and more. With experience in both service and e-commerce website design we love bringing a new business' visual brand identity to life while also giving them a new home online for the world to discover.

At Nova Mae Design we like to give clients a full service experience, from Brand Design → Website Design →  Packaging Design → Print Design...and beyond!

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Nova Mae Design was born out of a love of storytelling, and the joy of creating gorgeous aesthetics.

At Nova Mae Design we love a minimalistic yet meaningful design style. We work with clients to help them discover their brand’s visual story while bringing that story to life. Strategic design, editorial aesthetic, hand drawn illustrations, the perfect typography, neutral colour palettes, and cohesiveness are just a few of the elements we jump out of bed for. Currently located in Stratford, Ontario, but serving clients worldwide.

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I have always been a multi-passionate creative and began my creative journey in life as a professional actor. I have been performing on both screen and stage from a young age and I love the thrill and connection of performing.  I felt the need to find a creative outlet when I was off stage, so I began learning website design and graphic design, something I had always had an interest in.  I began by doing small design jobs for others around my performing schedule, and then after 2 years of  keeping my little business hush hush I officially launched Nova Mae Design in 2018, a brand and website design studio.  

I continue to perform today, but when the covid-19 pandemic hit in March of 2020 my year of performing contracts were suddenly gone --- theatres were closed.  As devastating as that was for my one career, it is then that Nova Mae Design became my family's lifesaver.  It became my full time job, and it has been so exciting to watch the Studio grow over the past 3 years.

founder, creative director, lead designer & the heart behind Nova Mae Design.

Hi, I’m Laura Mae,


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Working alongside our clients and collaborating is something that is very important to us. We want to be open, friendly, and supportive with every project we embark upon. If you would rather not collaborate through the entire process, that is also fine...we are here to make your experience the best possible.

We are always looking at ways to grow as designers and entrepreneurs ... trying to stay educated on the latest trends, being open to change, willing to adapt depending on the client's needs, and adding skills to our design toolkit.
The best way to problem solve is through creativity.

We believe in transparent honesty when it comes to the design studio. We will always try to communicate thoughts clearly and will listen to your feedback with an open mind. We try to explain things in detail and with our knowledge in tow. Every project is different and we approach each and every one with fresh and open eyes.



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